Myers Communications - Lexington, KY

Achieving organizational objectives requires communications that engage key stakeholders at the right time, in the right manner, and with the right messages. Myers Communications helps clients determine the current state of the business or industry environment; identify key audiences’ information needs; design strategies to gain stakeholder buy-in; develop initiatives, programs, and products for achieving the communications goals; implement the communications tactics; and evaluate communications performance for continuous improvement.


Strategic Communications

Myers Communications’ strategy counsel supports clients’ needs with expertise in communications planning and implementation, branding and organizational identity, and public relations and media relations. Learn more.


Crisis Communications

This is the process organizations use to proactively engage key stakeholders to plan, manage, and respond to risks and nontraditional events that have the potential to become major incidents. Learn more.


Change Communications

Our expertise involves the development and implementation of change management strategies that build ownership through a suite of activities targeted at moving stakeholders from a state of uncertainty to ownership and action. Learn More.